"Our goal is to provide environmentally beneficial and profitable solutions to waste stream management, by linking state of the art anaerobic digestion with complementary technologies."

Sage Systems designs, installs & maintains waste stream management systems, for organic and animal waste streams.

About Us

Sustainable AGricultural Energy (SAGE) Systems mission is to design, install, and maintain state of the art technology systems focused in the following areas; renewable energy, sustainable waste management, groundwater remediation, soil improvement; all in profitable and responsible ways. Principals in Sage Systems have experience in building and maintaining Anaerobic Digestion projects in many different locations [...]

Benefits of Sage Systems

Environmental Benefits:                Reduction in Greenhouse Gasses (Methane, Carbon dioxide, and other gasses)- “Globally, ruminant livestock produce about 80 million metric tons of methane annually, accounting for about 28% of global methane emissions from human-related activities.” (1) All of the greenhouse gasses that are created in our installations get captured [...]

Contact Us

Sage Systems, LLC
2273 North 740 East
North Logan, UT 84341
435.770.3766 ph
435.753.2101 fax
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